Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the procedure depends on the age of the patient and will be determined on the day of the procedure. Your first consultation where we discuss the procedure will be bulk-billed to Medicare. While Medicare may not fully cover circumcision, you will receive a reimbursement depending on the age of the patient and the type of anaesthetic used.

If you intend to circumcise your child, it is best to do so during the first two weeks of their life as they will feel less pain and recover quickly from the procedure. That being said, there is no maximum age for circumcision and men of all ages can and do undergo circumcision in Melbourne.

For infants, the procedure is quite painless. In fact, many newborn patients sleep right through the whole thing. For older boys and adult men, circumcision may involve a little more discomfort; however, this is mostly limited to the injection of the local anaesthetic and in the days that follow. Your doctor will go over your pain management plan during your appointment.