Post Circumcision Care

Though we go over all post circumcision care with patients and loved ones in their consultation and right after their surgery, we’ve created a quick guide for what you can expect during your recovery. 

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We suggest paracetamol for pain relief, although our doctors will review each individual case and prescribe medication as required. You should only be administering medication like paracetamol; others, like ibuprofen, can exacerbate the bleeding of the wound. If you are curious about what other pain management you can use for yourself or your son, please ask your doctor either before or after your procedure.

Post circumcision care for adults

Following your operation, you should take two days off to rest at home with limited movement. This will speed up the healing process. During this time, you should not shower or bathe, as water can interfere. (Once the bandages come off, you are free to take a shower or short bath, but must be careful when drying the penis). Your doctor may ask you to come into the clinic a couple of days after your procedure to change the bandages and keep them clean. 

For the first week, you should keep the wound covered in Vaseline and gauze, changing the wrappings daily. Touch the area as little as possible to prevent irritation. A little bit of pain is normal, but make sure you take any medicines provided to you by our doctors. 

You will need to come in for a follow-up appointment to check your progress. This will be arranged after the operation. 

During the first four to six weeks, refrain from any sexual activity. Afterwards, you should use condoms to protect the wound every time you engage in sexual intercourse for six months or until the wound has completely healed. You should also refrain from vigorous physical activity like sport for the first four weeks of your recovery or until your doctor gives you the go ahead.

How to care for your baby boy after his circumcision

The first day

  1. Keep your baby swaddled to restrict movement. If he kicks his legs, he can make himself uncomfortable. If your son responds well to this, you can continue to swaddle him after the first day is over. 
  2. Check your son’s nappy every hour. If there is any strange bleeding or swelling, call us immediately and we will get you back into the clinic for a consultation with your doctor. 
  3. The doctor will place Vaseline and gauze over the head of your child’s penis. Leave this bandage on for the first 24 hours, replacing it if it falls off during this time or if it becomes dirty. 

The first week

After the first day, you will not need bandages for your child’s recovery. You will need to regularly apply Vaseline to the incision site and the head of the penis to help it heal.

If the bandage is stuck and you cannot remove it on your own, no need to panic. Apply Vaseline to the area and let it soak — this will soften the gauze and should allow you to pull it free without hurting your son.

Do not give your son a bath until your doctor gives you the okay. Make sure that you keep the area clean and dry. Avoid lotions or powders as these can irritate the wound and make sure to use disposable diapers. 

The incision site may be discoloured, or start to turn green and yellow. This is healing tissue, not pus. The skin may be this colour for two weeks after the operation. 

General care

Keep applying Vaseline to the area and make sure that the area is clean, and soon enough your son will be feeling as good as new. 

If you follow the simple steps outlined above and by your doctor in your consultation, you will be able to help your child speed through the healing process and make the whole thing easy and as painless as possible. 

If you have any doubts or concerns, or are worried about your child’s post circumcision care, just give us a call. We’re happy to help with any issues you may have.